We offer pediatric special services to school districts throughout the Chicagoland Suburbs     


Omni's mission is to build dynamic, collaborative Multidisciplinary Treatment Teams who excel in the provision of specialized services to all children in need.  Omni has been collaborating with over 25 school districts on a long-term basis, and is currently accepting placements within new districts interested in creating lasting partnerships with our organization.

We are committed to holistic, integrative care.

Our staff is incredibly well integrated into the landscape of your district and operates mutually within the entire school community.  Each and every specialist designated to the districts Treatment Team is carefully selected, licensed by the state, certified by their association, and qualified in school-based services. Omni prioritizes in-house training and continuing education for our staff in order to provide the most effective and appropriate coordination of care within the districts we serve.  Together, we carefully evaluate, plan and implement success-proven treatment programs in consultation with the child's guardian, to ensure treatment goals are successfully communicated and achieved.

Omni has been proudly serving thousands of children throughout the Chicagoland suburbs for over 35 years.  

Physical Therapy


The school-based PT promotes motor development and the student's ability to navigate the school campus.

Occupational Therapy

The school-based OT supports a child's ability to fully participate in everyday routines or "occupations" within the school setting.

Speech Therapy

The school-based SLP identifies and treats communication disorders that limit the child from fully participating in their school environment. 

School Psychology


School psychologists support children's mental and emotional health to better meet their educational potential

School Social Work


The school-based social worker works on counseling, communication, prevention and intervention to promote success in the school environment.