School-Based Therapy & Education Services Since 1982

Our Mission

Child Focused. Family Centered. School Connected.

We are special education experts, offering K-12 special services to school districts across Chicagoland.

Omni’s mission is to provide exceptional specialized services to all children in need wherever we go. We bring together disciplines that address every child as a whole, while providing a supportive and enriching environment for our therapy teams. This enables our dedicated, highly qualified practitioners to work together across disciplines to fully care for each child that we have the privilege of serving. Omni’s multidisciplinary teams collaborate to design individualized treatment programs that help children learn, succeed and meet goals. We serve as a staffing partner to our school districts, and as a source of direct care for kids with needs at home.

Our School-Based Disciplines


How Can You Get Involved?

At Omni, we value our team and make in-house training and continuing education a priority for our staff.

Our leaders understand that our ability to provide exceptional specialized services to children is only realized through our team of passionate special education practitioners. Our practitioners tell us that they value our competitive pay and benefits, team approach and long-term relationships.

If you’re ready to make a difference and are interested in joining our team, please view our current openings and apply online today.


How Can Omni Help Your Students?

For 40+ years, school leaders throughout the Chicagoland suburbs have trusted Omni to select and bring specialists into their school community who seamlessly, flexibly and cost-effectively fit where they are needed.

We provide mentorship and continuing education to all of our in-house practitioners who we partner with your schools based on fit and qualification requirements.

Our practitioners are licensed by the state, certified by their professional association, qualified in school-based services, and ready to help your district’s students with special needs.


How Can Omni Help Your Child?

Omni has been proudly serving thousands of children for over four decades, and strive to build dynamic, collaborative Multidisciplinary Treatment Teams who excel in the provision of specialized services to all children in need.

Our caring staff is here for you, your family, and with you every step of the way.

Together with your child’s school, we carefully evaluate, plan, and implement success-proven treatment programs in consultation with you, the child’s guardian(s). Our approach helps everyone involved understand and achieve treatment goals.


Meet Our Team

Family-owned and woman-founded, Omni’s distinctive holistic and progressive nature springs from the vision of our mother and daughter leaders. Learn more about our leadership and our extended team.


Areas We Serve

Our service area spans the Chicagoland suburbs, bringing pediatric special services to school districts and families where we are needed. Interested in having Omni work with your district or your child? Contact us today.

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If you’re ready to make a difference and are interested in joining our team, please view our current openings and apply online today.